What we’re reading: US/AA draw up proposed settlements,talking your way into first class, book Christmas travel now

US Air, American drawing up proposed settlement US Airways and American Airlines are willing to give up takeoff and landing slots at Reagan National as part of an attempt to get the Justice Department to allow the merger. In a complaint filed in August aimed at stopping the proposed transaction, the Justice Department focused on […]

6 tips for procrastinators searching for a warm weather holiday vacation

The problem with vacationing at the end of the year — everyone else wants to do it. While most travel agents have some clients who book almost a year in advance to get exactly what they want, not everyone thinks that far ahead. And, in the fall, options are already very limited. Here are six tips for those who wait until the last minute.

Have Sleigh, Will Travel

Santa still inhibits a world that has bypassed most of us. A world without checked luggage charges, surly flight attendants, constant fare changes, overzealous baggage restrictions, invasive searches, or that guy that reclines his seatback into your lap. But it seems justified that the guy who ensures a happy Christmas morn for hundreds of thousands of children should get the benefit of private transport, no Customs hassles, and the availability of hundreds of elves to help load all that extra carry-on.

Christmas 2010 – Start thinking about travel plans

Yes, the after-Christmas sales are in full swing. With particularly good deals on candy, cards, and decorations. But no, this post is not a joke. Travelers planning a vacation for next year’s Christmas break, especially the week between Christmas and New Year, should consider making plans soon, because this year is going to be especially tough.

Here’s the 2010 calendar wrinkle. December 25, 2010 is on a Saturday.

Five suggestions for last-minute holiday bookers

It’s already into December and you suddenly realize you really don’t want to sit at home that week after Christmas. A quick look online or a call to your travel agent will tell you, a few days in Hawaii or the Caribbean or Mexico really isn’t much of an option, unless you’re prepared to spend thousands in airfare before even beginning to look at prices for the few hotels available.