Most unrealistic minimum connection ever? 30 minutes at JFK between different terminals!

United Airlines with their code-share partner Swiss may have come up with the best minimum connecting time, or rather, worst, I've seen — a 30-minute connection to an international flight, with two different carriers, in two different terminals, at JFK Airport.
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Regional airlines lie about codesharing in USA Today op-ed

Given space for a rebuttal on the same page with today's USA Today editorial, When airlines share codes, truth-in-labeling suffers , president Roger Cohen of the Regional Airline Association (RAA) trots out the airlines' usual "big lie" on code sharing, in unusually blatant form.
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Check terminal carefully when flying on codeshare tickets

There is one simple thing passengers can do when traveling with a codeshare ticket that might mean the difference between a smooth trip and disaster — check which terminal your actual carrier uses.
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