Road Trip: My 6 top tips for renting a car

Many travelers are already hitting the road to see countries up-close. Renting a car may seem straight-forward at first, but there are many issues to consider before you rent a vehicle for your next journey. Ned Levi has 6 tips to consider before you make a reservation for your next car rental.

Do I have to pay for that ding on my rental car?

When we returned the car, the lady at the rental location went around the car a few times looking very closely and she finally pointed out a tiny chip on the edge of the driver’s door. We had to look extremely closely to see it, and we actually thought she was joking at first.

They want what for that little dent on my rental car?

If you dent a rented car you might get a small bill for the repair, but a big bill for the rental car company’s “loss of use” of their car. Ned discusses strategies to minimize your rental car insurance cost, and prevent unjust claims.