Road Trip: My 6 top tips for renting a car

Many travelers are already hitting the road to see countries up-close. Renting a car may seem straight-forward at first, but there are many issues to consider before you rent a vehicle for your next journey. Ned Levi has 6 tips to consider before you make a reservation for your next car rental.
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Sunday musings: Competing cell phone fates, hotels unbundling room rates, rental car collision damage

From planes to hotels to rental cars, here are issues that have different facets. Is using a cell phone on flights heaven or hell? How much can hotels deduct from their room rates in their drive toward a la carte prices? When do you need rental-car collision damage waiver?
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The Travel Troubleshooter: She declined insurance, but then signed for it

I told my wife to specifically tell the Dollar Rental car agent in Columbus to not include the $20 a day insurance coverage on her rental agreement. However, these charges were added.
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Paying up front for rental car nicks and scratches

It's becoming more and more common to find rental car companies pocketing the deposit when their cars are damaged.

Do I have to pay for that ding on my rental car?

When we returned the car, the lady at the rental location went around the car a few times looking very closely and she finally pointed out a tiny chip on the edge of the driver’s door. We had to look extremely closely to see it, and we actually thought she was joking at first.
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They want what for that little dent on my rental car?

If you dent a rented car you might get a small bill for the repair, but a big bill for the rental car company's "loss of use" of their car. Ned discusses strategies to minimize your rental car insurance cost, and prevent unjust claims.
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