Why are they trying to kill Amtrak?

In this last session of Congress, Rep. Phil Gingrey, a Republican from Georgia, introduced a bill that would prohibit any federal dollars from being used to subsidize food and beverage service on Amtrak trains. Good heavens! It’s hard to know where to begin in dealing with that lunacy. Does Amtrak lose money on its food […]

Are cruise lines doing enough to protect their passengers?

Pat Busovicki’s Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Dream almost ended in a nightmare. One afternoon, after plummeting down its Twister water slide, she says, she found herself trapped in a dangerous undertow. “I couldn’t get out,” remembers the retired librarian from Westlake, Ohio. She says that crew members didn’t assist her, and only after […]

When a "Big Lie" gets legs in Congress

Consumers and the free market are facing a full frontal attack from the airlines. Their minions have swarmed through the House of Representatives casting an untruth that members both Republican and Democrat are swallowing hook, line and sinker. The airline’s big lie is that the Department of Transportation (DOT) rules require them to hide taxes […]

Do you have a right to a little peace and quiet?

There’s no worse form of torture for travelers like Jeanne Marchadie than having to endure the sound of people yakking on a cellphone in close quarters. “I shudder to think about what’s going to happen on planes if cellphones are allowed,” says Marchadie, a programmer from Jacksonville, Fla. “What a nightmare — except, of course, […]

Aviation industry joins with Consumer Travel Alliance to oppose increase in TSA security tax

Budget negotiations are going on in DC. And, wouldn’t you know it, Congress wants to double the TSA security tax from $2.50 to $5. But, that’s not the least of the budget deal — the increased funds will not even go toward airport and flight security, the government will put it into the general fund to balance the budget. That is unfair, deceptive and abuses the flying public.