Once consumer-friendly rules have turned anti-consumer

Code-sharing and international airline alliances are no longer working for consumers. Once upon a time, when the airlines were struggling and there were more than a dozen airlines, these actions seemed somewhat reasonable. Today, they have turned anti-competitive.

The "myth" of airline and rental car competition

Competition. This will be a theme of this blog for the foreseeable future. Four airlines control 87 percent of the market. Hertz, Avis and Enterprise control 60+ percent of the rental car market and even a higher percentage of airport locations. Half-a-handful of cruise lines control the cruise market. And, hotels? Well, they are the […]

5 "good" and "bad" effects of airline mergers

Bill McGee, presenting at the DOT Advisory Committee for Consumer Protections (ACACP) meeting, noted the good and bad of airline consolidation. The hearings focused on the use of cell phones for voice calls in the air, the impact of government-imposed taxes and fees and the effects of consolidation on consumer travelers. McGee was invited to […]

Why should Miami (and Orlando) be worried about the AA/US merger?

Senators and Representatives from Florida don’t seem to be too concerned with the pending merger of American Airlines and US Airways. They seem to feel that their airports are safe from any disruption. But that was wen American Airlines (AA) was ruling the roost. Now, US Airways executives will be taking over the executive suite and they do things differently.

Seek and you shall find the travel bargains in 2009

The first half of 2009 will see continued consolidation in the travel industry. The big and strong will be getting bigger and stronger and the small will face a tough time. Industry consolidation at the same time will be up against increased consumer search for better bargains.