Working on the most recent DOT rulemakings for consumers

Perhaps the most mysterious acronym in Washington is NPRM. It stands for Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. This is where the rubber meets the road in government. This is where the regulations are written to put laws into effect. It is through the rulemaking process that consumer groups prevailed and got tarmac delay rules created. It […]

Anthony Foxx leaves his mark on air travel — for better or worse

Today we’re introducing our Traveler of the Week feature, a recognition of someone who has changed the way we travel. It’s written by Steve Surjaputra, who has been our curator of travel news. Not quite a year on the job, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx is leaving his mark on air travel — for better or […]

Airline travelers’ 12 gifts of 2012

From a passenger’s point of view, 2012 was on of the most momentous since deregulation. Airline consumers reached more milestones and the Department of Transportation (DOT) put into effect more passenger protections than in the history of the department. Here are a dozen changes for the good for airline consumers.

Consumer Travel Alliance — Nudging along DOT consumer web pages

Way back in the spring of 2009, while visiting various Senate staffers and members of the Department of Transportation enforcement division, the Federal Railroad Administration and the FAA, two members of the Consumer Travel Alliance raised the concept of a more user-friendly Website for travelers.

Will the Consumer Financial Protection Agency help travelers?

The White House is proposing a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency. This agency will oversee consumer lending and take the consumer side of lending away from the banking regulators who have presided over credit card and mortgage abuses. What will this mean to travelers?