Warning: You’re losing money when you (only) take those fee waivers!

Editor’s note: Flight cancellations are coming fast and furious as snowstorm after snowstorm tracks across the country. The airlines are offering no-change-fee rebookings for customers, but they come with restrictions. Are they really the best way to go? wrote this overview of getting the most from weather delays when airlines are canceling flights. Taking […]

Should passengers know their rights?

Honestly, have you ever actually read through the contract of carriage for any airline you have recently flown? Do you have any idea about what is included in a contract of carriage?

6 rules for high-value, carry-on baggage

A photographer asked Ned Levi for help after Delta Airlines forced him to check his photographic gear carry-on because the overhead bins were full. His bag arrived with more than $10K of missing and damaged gear. While after writing to Delta’s CEO, the photographer was able to obtain reimbursement for his missing and damaged gear, travelers can’t count on being that fortuitous, and should follow Ned’s basic rules of thumb for flying with valuables and breakables.

Carry-on smarts save hassles and cash

As you board an airplane, a flight attendant tells you to check your carry-on because there’s no room left on the plane. The carry-on bag has expensive and breakable gear in it. When you retrieve your checked carry-on items are missing and broken. Ned Levi discusses the problem and how you can prevent it.

Lost luggage — will your airline pay off?

Susan Miller is suing Delta because having lost her luggage temporarily, they are refusing to reimburse her for her expenses from purchase some essentials while waiting to have her luggage returned, while traveling. Ned Levi examines Delta’s “Contract of Carriage” to see how it affected Miller, and if they should have reimbursed her expenses.

Airline “fashion police” — from bad to worse

With the recent incidents of US Airways deciding whether ticket holders are permitted to fly based on their attire, Ned Levi discusses the problems of airline dress codes and how they are enforced. Plus Ned has suggestions about how to dress for passenger comfort and safety.

TSA ID requirements — security theater not security

Many travelers assert that TSA doesn’t have the authority to require travelers show their IDs to confirm their identity to TSA in order to be able to fly commercial airlines. Ned Levi has reviewed TSA’s ID requirements and whether or not TSA has the legal authority, explains why he believes they are nothing more than security theater, and don’t make us safer.