Cruise ship safety has improved in the year since the Concordia disaster

At the anniversary of the Concordia disaster, Ned Levi examine safety improvements made by the cruise industry to ensure cruise ship passengers and crew will be prepared in case of a serious accident, which will likely prevent panic and keep the calm among passengers and crew which will save lives in case of an accident.

Seabourn muster drill procedures set a high bar for cruise line safety

Ned Levi discusses Seabourn’s muster drill procedures which require every passenger participate in every muster drill or suffer serious consequences, in comparison to the new Costa Cruises safety initiatives which he found insufficient, and how muster drills, as part of a cruise line’s safety plan help prevent injury and loss of life in cruise emergencies.

Costa’s new cruise ship safety initiative is clearly insufficient

In the wake of the Costa Concordia tragedy, Costa Cruises has announced and implemented 7 safety initiatives. Ned Levi has reviewed the initiative and found some are good new initiatives, some implement industry policy, some are commonsense, some window dressing and one badly misses the mark. Each of the initiatives are discussed.

Tips to be prepared in case of a cruise ship emergency

Last week Ned Levi looked at the maritime regulations which are in force for cruise ships and recommended changes, in light of the Costa Concordia tragedy. This week Ned offers safety tips for cruisers, so they are prepared in case an emergency occurs to help them ensure their safety, along with family, and friends traveling with them.

Life safety cruise ship regulation reform is essential

As the death toll mounts, the Costa Concordia tragedy horrifies us more and more, especially since it has become apparent the ship never should have hit the rock which tore a 300 foot hole in its hull, and that more timely and decisive action by the captain and crew of the ship might have prevented […]