How cruise line cancellation and quarantine policies can exacerbate the norovirus problem.

As much as the media loves to report on the latest cruise ship norovirus outbreak, in reality, most people cruise happily without any health issues. Plus, to be fair, sometimes people who report feeling ill may also be feeling the effect of a few two many “Bahama Mamas” or the equivalent, not to mention sun, potential late nights, richer food than normal, etc. etc. However, for those unlikely cruises who end up on one of the unlucky cruises, it can be truly miserable. Even a day’s discomfort out of precious vacation time can feel much too long.

Here’s an idea that could help keep the cruise industry afloat

Most travel agents have probably been on both sides of this one. There’s the client who wants to sail somewhere at the last minute, or within a month or two of sailing, and the ship is sold out. And then there’s the client who has booked early, often at a super discounted rate, but would really rather now go another time. But the cancellation fees are 50 to 100 percent.