Going on a cruise? Tips to help you choose your cabin

Despite the recent bad news about norovirus outbreaks on four ships already this year, the cruise industry is still head toward 20 million or more passengers in 2014. While cruising isn't for everyone, if you're considering a cruise for the first time, Ned Levi has some tips to help you chose your cabin aboard your ship.
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Cruise ship muster drills need improvement

In the last year, Cruise Lines International Association member ships have instituted substantial changes in their muster drill procedures, which have significantly improved passenger safety. Now that they have accomplished those changes it's time to maximize muster drill effectiveness to improve cruise ship safety even more.
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Emergency preparedness for cruise ship passengers

The Carnival Triumph passengers are home from their ordeal, but many unanswered question are still left. It's possible to learn from the passengers' experience to become better prepared to handle cruise emergencies. Ned Levi discusses concrete suggestions for cruise ship passengers to help them get through a cruise ship emergency at sea.
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Is “expedition cruising” for you?

Are you a candidate for expedition cruising? Ned Levi looks at the difference between typical cruising and expedition cruising, examines what kind of travelers might like and not like expedition cruises, and discusses some of the characteristics of expedition cruising.
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Cruise ship safety has improved in the year since the Concordia disaster

At the anniversary of the Concordia disaster, Ned Levi examine safety improvements made by the cruise industry to ensure cruise ship passengers and crew will be prepared in case of a serious accident, which will likely prevent panic and keep the calm among passengers and crew which will save lives in case of an accident.
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Cruiseline muster drill rule upgrade welcome, yet a disappointment

Last month Ned Levi discussed international cruise ship regulations in light of the Costa Concordia tragedy. Also last month CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) announced a compressive operational safety review. Ned discusses the first new rule upgrade coming from the safety review, and why he's found it disappointing.
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There’s still time to fix the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act

The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2009 is nearly law. Ned Levi has reviewed its provisions, and suggests 2 critical changes to fix the legislation, to make if a far better comprehensive law, to better ensure cruise ship passenger security and safety.
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When the wind blows: A cruiser’s guide to surviving hurricane season

It's two months into 2009 hurricane season and the first tropical storms and major hurricane are impacting a number cruises in the Caribbean. Last weekend, Tropical Storm Ana doused much of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Hurricane Bill became the first hurricane of the season, and is currently a Category 4 storm.

Surprise flight changes separate cruising family

Anita Dunham-Potter Steve Simmons and his family booked the trip of a lifetime – a South American sailing from Buenos Aires onboard Celebrity Cruises Infinity. The trip was meticulously planned two years in advance and included custom air arrangements. Imagine his dismay one month prior to the cruise to learn the flight schedule had changed separating family members.

9 strategies for cruising nirvana

Anita Dunham-Potter Why are some cruise travelers smarter than others? Simply put, they’ve been there, done that, and through trial and error have concocted strategies that avoid travel mishaps. Here are some tips that guarantee smooth sailing from cruisers in the know.