Dastardly Delta — again putting consumers last

The litany of Delta transgressions against consumers is long. This airline is doing everything it can to make life more difficult for consumers. Delta is restricting its airfares from online travel metasearch sites like Hipmunk, Travelzoo, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and more, making it more difficult for consumers to comparison shop. Delta has removed its mileage requirements from its SkyMiles […]

Newsletter – March 29, 2015

Thank you for reading Consumer Traveler/Travelers United weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here. A week in review: Airlines charging more for kids, Leocha on CNBC, Delta going the extra anti-consumer mile, United-Lufthansa nightmare, Big 3 airlines vs Gulf carriers As usual, the airlines are getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately, that usually […]

What we’re reading: FF miles for weird rewards, teaching driverless cars, airline service matters

The world’s ‘wildest and weirdest’ frequent-flier awards Airlines are providing much more than free flights and status for frequent fliers. Today, rewards range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Among the others that made its list: – A bidding offer from American Airlines for a package for two to see Justin Timberlake. It included event […]

What we’re watching: Bastard Airlines, National Park love, 22-mile walkable Atlanta corridor

Total Bastard Airlines Some things never change. Sometimes they get worse. These flight attendants didn’t have to deal with super-squeezed seating, 85+-percent load factors, no food, paying for reservations for families and other slashes in customer service. Saying, “I do” in our national parks The National Park Service (NPS) put together this charming video about […]

Newsletter – January 11, 2015

Thank you for reading Consumer Traveler/Travelers United weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here. A week in review: Disturbing news in 2015 Unfortunately, 2015 began with some very disturbing news; namely, the attack in Paris and on free speech. Travelers United stands with the world in condemning such violence. While our advocacy work […]

What can a Benedictine monk teach United Airlines about customer service? A lot

In my line of work, when you get a complaint from someone with the title “Imam,” “Rabbi” or “Reverend,” you assume something has gone wrong – very wrong. The clergy are generally not a member of the complaining class. So when I heard about the troubles of Brother John Baptist, a Benedictine monk from the […]

Do frequent flier miles trump customer service?

I hate to say it, but I have been scheduling my travels based on frequent flier miles in order to reach an elite membership level before the end of the year. Happily, in my case, the gathering of frequent flier miles and saving money have coincided, but not customer service. However, others I know are […]

Passengers cry, "Stop kicking sand in our faces!"

Airlines are kicking sand in our faces. And, we passengers, just like the skinny weakling in the old-time comic book ads are letting them get away with it. The airline attack on customer service is in full swing. Airlines are packing more passengers into planes than ever before. Seats are shrinking and being crammed closer […]