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    Current cruise ship visitations to Venice likely unsustainable?

Current cruise ship visitations to Venice likely unsustainable?

Venice is one of the world's most popular cruise destinations. Ned Levi examines the effects of mega-ships that appear to be making this tourism unsustainable.
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    When you’re traveling, a picture can be worth a thousand dollars

When you’re traveling, a picture can be worth a thousand dollars

Car rental companies are more vigilant than ever about collecting damages from customers, so are hotels,

Travelers feel the pressure to act now

No one seems to know how the TV in Room 1018 of the Wyndham Avenue Plaza Resort in New Orleans ended up with several long, deep scratches on the screen that made it unwatchable. And if they do, they’re not talking.

A surprise $600 bill for my Mexico car rental

Arjun Aiyer receives a surprise bill for an extra $600 after renting a car in Mexico. The company alleges the vehicle was damaged while Aiyer was driving it. But where's the proof?

Road Trip: My 6 top tips for renting a car

Many travelers are already hitting the road to see countries up-close. Renting a car may seem straight-forward at first, but there are many issues to consider before you rent a vehicle for your next journey. Ned Levi has 6 tips to consider before you make a reservation for your next car rental.
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Did she wait too long to file a damage claim?

Susan Young has waited too long to file a damage claim with here credit card company. But it’s not her fault – a car rental contract employee told her to do it. Who’s responsible?

The Travel Troubleshooter: A “little dent” adds $500 to my car rental bill

We rented a car from Enterprise in Phoenix. When we picked up the car, a representative inspected it with us. My husband noted a couple small marks, but she said we shouldn’t worry because “anything under four inches” was waived. Not only weren't they waived, but they added up to around $500!

Hurricane devastation in northern New England and upstate New York

Just in time for leaf-peeping season, New England and upstate New York have been slammed by Hurricane Irene. I have seen plenty of photos of the Passaic River roiling and have heard that Irene was a bust, little has been said about what happened after the hurricane turned tropical storm.
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The Travel Troubleshooter: You didn’t damage this car – no, wait, you did

When I returned the vehicle, all check-in procedures ran normally, and I was sent on my way. The next day, I received an unsigned email from “Damage Recovery Unit” asking for my insurance company information.

The Travel Troubleshooter: A dropped car rental claim that returned

I rented a car from National for a family trip to Houston. The rental was uneventful. But a month later, I received a letter saying that the car had been returned with about $2,000 worth of damage, which included needing to replace a front bumper and a headlight. What the heck?!