New airline kid-seat rules, personal data loss, Disney’s surge pricing

With FAA’s new kid seat safety rule, will kids fly safer? After years of debate and another six months allowed for implementation, the FAA has succeeded in producing a new rule that will not protect children. It doesn’t require enforcement. It doesn’t apply to airlines without websites. But it does require airlines to tell passengers […]

US judge dismisses challenge to suspicionless laptop searches at the border

Judge Edward Korman dismissed the ACLU suit, Abidor v. Napolitano, allowing the US Customs and Border Protection program of random border searches and seizures of electronic devices to continue with no requirement of warrants, probable cause, or reasonable suspicion. Ned Levi discusses the CPB program, court rulings which have affected it, and advice for international travelers entering the US.

How’s the iPhone 5 for travelers?

Ned Levi has been evaluating Apple’s new iPhone 5 for a short time now, and has a first look review for you. Ned discusses important issues of the phone for travelers including, screen size, phone size, LTE, simultaneous use of voice and data, battery life, GPS usability, the new lightning connector, mapping apps and other issues.