Delta pilots reject contract, US Airways name will be gone in October, fly with marijuana in Oregon

Delta pilots reject tentative contract Delta pilots have rejected a tentative contract agreement. This puts the deal and the airline adding aircraft to their fleet in jeopardy. Nearly 7,000, or 65 percent, of voting pilots rejected the contract, according to Delta’s Master Executive Council, part of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). Around 97 percent […]

Pizza for passengers, beat jet lag, storms affect NE travel

Pilot orders PIZZA for his delayed passengers The 2 p.m. Delta flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta got rerouted Knoxville due to bad weather in Georgia. The flight was stuck on the tarmac for several hours so the pilot decided to do something for the passengers. He ordered pizza and had it delivered via the baggage […]

How Congress is betraying American air travelers

The American people would be saddened and sickened to learn that some members of Congress not only put their own personal interests before their constituents’ but also can go much further and inflict financial harm on the traveling public, mid-size communities and those seeking employment in the travel and tourism industry. Members are allowed to […]