Delta customer service fails Air France/KLM passengers from the US

Delta and Air France/KLM need to clean up their code sharing and customer service. When there is no one at the customer service counter or answering the phone who knows what is happening with changing airline tickets issued by code share partners, customers can be left high and dry.

A Christmas feel-good airline story

With so many problems being reported over the holidays with storms and crowds, it is always nice to see that the airlines can show a human and kind face to their passengers.

Dastardly Delta — again putting consumers last

The litany of Delta transgressions against consumers is long. This airline is doing everything it can to make life more difficult for consumers. Delta is restricting its airfares from online travel metasearch sites like Hipmunk, Travelzoo, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and more, making it more difficult for consumers to comparison shop. Delta has removed its mileage requirements from its SkyMiles […]