Six tips from Ansel Adams for making your travel photos

Six tips from the great photographer, Ansel Adams, to improve your travel photos. Travelers can still learn how to make great travel photographs from this great American photographer and environmentalist.
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Top two settings and techniques for your new digital camera

We're in holidays' mode in the world these days. For some, they've received their holiday presents, while for others, they are still to come. Many will be receiving new digital cameras over the holidays to use for travel. Ned Levi discusses the two issues he's asked about more than any others, about getting great images from digital cameras.
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4 New Year’s traveler resolutions

Ned Levi has four new year's resolutions for travelers which can enhance their sojourns. Ned wishes everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
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Does airplane travel “kill” digital camera sensors?

In a presentation at the Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles, Rob Hummel, president of Legend3D, stated that gamma rays destroy digital camera sensor pixels when travelers take them on plane flights more than 20,000 feet in the air. Ned Levi examines Mr. Hummel's claims to see if flying will actually kill digital camera sensors.
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Coping with electrical devices while traveling

Being able to plug in your computer, digital camera battery charger, cell phone and other electrical devices when you travel internationally can be a problem. Ned Levi discusses the issues of traveling with electrical devices and what you need to have to fulfill your electrical needs away from home.
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Are travel photos on your online photo site safe?

Are your travel photos on your online photo site safe? Maybe not. They weren't for members of Digital Railroad, who learned on Oct. 29th that the site was going out of business and their photos would be lost forever if they didn't act immediately.
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When your camera’s memory card fails, can it be saved?

Digital camera memory cards become corrupted and unusable. Worse yet, a traveler’s best photographs become trapped on those corrupt cards, such as a family photo in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, or a photo of the July 4th fireworks at the Statue of Liberty. Can you fix the card, or recover those priceless photos? Well...maybe.
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