Bus companies struggle with service slips and growing pains

It’s hard to think of a mode of transportation that generates fewer complaints than the bus, except maybe walking. But that was little consolation to Julia Ullman when she traveled from Madison, Wis., to Chicago on Greyhound recently. Make that, was supposed to travel. Ullman arrived at the bus stop at the scheduled time and […]

Federal government wraps up quiet year for traveler protections

Government fines against airlines for consumer rule violations are on track to hit a six-year low as the U.S. Department of Transportation’s enforcement actions shift from punishment to preventing infractions. With only a few weeks left in 2014, the DOT has issued 23 consent orders that assess $2.6 million in penalties — $4.5 million less […]

Who really benefits when airlines are penalized?

Although the U.S. Department of Transportation fined seven airlines a total of $1.7 million last year for violating its controversial tarmac-delay rule, most of it went straight to the U.S. Treasury. Why isn’t the money awarded to the passengers who sat on planes for hours before taking off? That’s a question passengers like Christy Wood […]

Do we really want DOT making cell rules for airlines?

Since the prospect of making cell phone calls is now possible, the initial reaction from the flying public has been dramatically anti-cell-phone-use. Comments filed with the Department of Transportation from consumers support a firm rule of no-cell-phone-calls aboard aircraft. Some airlines have promised they will never allow cell phone calls on plane. Please read through […]

Tell us how much it costs! Passenger poll shows frustration with airline fee disclosure

In a poll conducted by Travelers United in response to requests from the Department of Transportation (DOT) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) more than 2,600 consumers dramatically responded loud and clear, “Tell us how much it costs!” The poll was distributed to this blog; sent to be distributed to readers of other travel blogs like […]

The airline ancillary fee battle goes to DOT

Airlines have abandoned passenger service. The continued consolidation of the industry has served to make airlines even less inclined to focus on passenger service and to concentrate only on profits. In the past, service and price went hand in hand. Today, for the back-of-the-plane passengers, service and price transparency, including ancillary fees, have been forgotten. […]

Important survey for DOT (deadline extended)

Please click through to this survey that Travelers United is conducting in order to collect information requested by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for their work on an upcoming regulation. DOT has asked for consumer input for their consideration. Let’s let them hear it. This is already one of the most successful surveys conducted for […]

The “Simple” World of Airline Booking Pre-2008

I am in Montreal, presenting to the largest gathering of airline lawyers in the world. These are the top lawyers at the airlines and some of the top aviation lobbyists. As recently as the mid-1990s, before the use of the Internet to book air travel became widespread, consumers faced significant challenges in attempting to determine […]