AA CEO misleads his passengers on transparent airfares

Mr. Parker is using his magazine to mislead the public when he could use the same publication to inform his passengers of the dangers of increasing fees and taxes.

Do travel companies charge too many junk fees?

Susan Jay regrets picking up the phone to make a call from Harrah's Atlantic City. But she says she had no choice. Her cell phone wasn't getting a clear signal.

Sunday musings: Competing cell phone fates, hotels unbundling room rates, rental car collision damage

From planes to hotels to rental cars, here are issues that have different facets. Is using a cell phone on flights heaven or hell? How much can hotels deduct from their room rates in their drive toward a la carte prices? When do you need rental-car collision damage waiver?
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Airfares — priced to deceive

Over the past three years I have been working together with the Consumer Travel Alliance (CTA) to have airlines disclose ancillary fees so that consumers can compare the full cost of travel. Many have questioned why I have been like a dog on a pant leg about this issue. It is simply because consumers are being deceived by the airlines with unrealistic airfares.
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