Sunday musings: Travel is new diploma, gourmet in coach, TWA 800

This Sunday we muse about travel as education as we read an essay about the importance of travel for the family of one of America’s top travel writers. We look at new gourmet choices in coach on long-haul flights. And, Bill McGee, a safety and customer service expert takes a stand on the reopening of the TWA 800 investigation.

Nepal: Changing lives one library at a time

READ (Rural Education and Development) Global, is transforming the lives of villagers throughout Nepal. The idea of Nepalese having a sense of their own power in furthering the libraries is still in its infancy but has tremendous potential for future development.

Dutch Treat? Vacation dreams better than reality

According to a study recently released by Dutch researchers, the act of planning a vacation (and by inference, daydreaming about how perfect it will be) significantly boosted the ‘happiness quotient’ of those surveyed, even two months before the actual trip.

For a wild time in San Diego, don’t forget your camera

GiraffeThe San Diego Wild Animal Park, Photo Caravan Safaris offer a great opportunity to directly interact, see, and photograph wild animals in their natural surroundings in safety, for adults, teens, and kids over six. They are a “blast!”

Welcome to the new world of English

The French Minister of Education Xavier Darcos declared that speaking fluent English is essential to being successful. He has proposed that free English lessons be offered during school holidays and be accessible to everyone.