The widening gulf between first and worst on airlines

Airlines are going out of their way to separate their top customers from the rabble that fills the back of their planes. In the old days, first-class passengers got bigger seats, full meals, free drinks and early boarding. They still do. But, now with new perks the differences are staggering.
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Weekend what we’re reading: Smart parking meters create spaces with higher prices, luxurious world of travel, Megabus milestone,

This weekend we look at high-tech incentives to change parking habits in San Francisco. We explore the world of the super travelers who get every perk in the world. And we congratulate Megabus on carrying 16 million passengers and creating an inexpensive, clean, convenient and safe alternative to air travel between major city centers.
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Thinking of using miles for an upgrade? Welcome to the endless waitlist

You're not a really frequent flier. Or, maybe you're a lower level elite — i.e.: basic Delta Medallion, United Mileage Plus Premier, Advantage Gold. But, you've been stockpiling your miles. The miles have come from a credit card, maybe from travel, and you've finally gotten enough miles to upgrade two tickets to Paris, and you're booking more than nine months in advance.
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