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    Higher pay for AA pilots, Airbnb in a plane, Eurostar’s newest high-speed train

Higher pay for AA pilots, Airbnb in a plane, Eurostar’s newest high-speed train

Higher pay for American Airlines pilots, Airbnb in a plane i Holland, Eurostar's newest high-speed train

What we’re reading: Eurostar to launch London-Amsterdam rail service, the mob is moving, Airbnb wins case in NYC, new terminal for SWA at HOU

Eurostar to launch London-Amsterdam rail service in 2016

Eurostar and the national rail operator of the Netherlands signed an agreement to launch twice-daily service between London and Amsterdam in 2016.
The two companies said the journey will take around four hours, stopping en route in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

The service requires ratification by the Dutch parliament.

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Celebrity Xpedition loses Galapagos permit, 20 percent off Eurostar tickets, students kicked off flight

What we’re reading: NY through the years, AA reservation systems crash, Eurostar revamps service

New York through the years, AA reservation systems glitch caused delays, Eurostar revamps service

Do you book train and plane travel based on gourmet meals?

Some people live to travel while others travel by their stomachs. If you fall into this category, perhaps the Eurostar’s announcement will cause you to book the high-speed UK, French and Belgium rail.

Chef Raymond Blanc, of television fame, has devised new menus to (hopefully) persuade passengers that train food can be gourmet. He’s not the first chef to try to alter public opinion about travel fare and probably won’t be the last. Blanc’s new menus include dishes inspired by the rail network’s French, British and Belgian destinations.

Are trains and planes with gourmet food the answer for you? Or would you prefer to bring your own? Gourmands differ in their druthers.

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Weekend what we’re reading — driverless cars, faster Eurostar trains, why CO cut free food, space flights

Google tests driverless cars, faster Eurostar trains link London and Paris in two hours, why CO cut free food, space flights coming
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Weather gods wreak havoc in U.S. & Europe

If your immediate travel itinerary includes a train trip on the Eurostar, you’d better make alternative reservations and hope. Eurostar has announced it’s suspending service indefinitely until the company is able to rectify the most recent problems that caused trains to break down and passengers to be stranded. With Christmas only days away, more than 55,000 passengers’ trips have been canceled.

Saturday was chaos as 2,000 passengers were evacuated from six trains. People were trapped in the Channel Tunnel for up to 16 hours, after condensation caused a series of electrical failures, on Friday night. The stranded passengers had to walk through the darkened tunnel.

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Chunnel trains still affected by Sept. 11 fire

The Chunnel and Eurostar trains have become the preferred method between London and Paris, Lille, Calais and Brussels for many travelers, carrying almost a million passengers a month. So when a fire broke out on a freight train Sept 11, 2008, and resulted in the closure of one of two tunnels, the ramifications were widespread. And many trains were canceled.
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