15 tips for traveling healthy and stress-free

Many relieve the difficulties of stress at work and home with periodic vacations, but travel illness and stress can ruin vacations, or any travel. Ned has 15 suggestions to help you travel healthy and stress-free.

Going on vacation and keeping the weight off

Summer is in full swing and despite the recession, some of us are still managing to get away for a little R&R. We have worked real hard all winter to shed those winter pounds to get into holiday shape. Some of us are still working at it. So now it’s time to be on vacation, looking good. Why gain back the pounds we worked so hard to lose?

Real road warriors don’t need exercise rooms

Road warriors are an amazingly creative and resilient bunch of people. I was reminded of this recently when I gave a presentation at a convention for health club owners and managers. As could be expected, most were walking, talking models of physical excellence; not an extra ounce of body fat to be found in the whole convention center.