Is Marriott’s Wi-Fi hotspot U-turn a hollow victory?

As I reported last month in my column, “Google and Microsoft join the fight against Marriott blocking guests’ MIFI” Marriott, with the support of the American Hospitality & Lodging Association, has been fighting with the FCC over how hotels should be permitted to manage their Wi-Fi Internet access. Marriott, for reasons I will discuss below, […]

Google and Microsoft join the fight against Marriott blocking guests’ MIFI

I’ve stayed at hotels that charge $20/day or more for high speed Internet access, charge extra to connect more than two devices per room, and had high speed Internet in name only, unless you paid an extra fee for “real” high speed. To eliminate those issues I use a personal cellular mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (MIFI). […]

Should hotels be allowed to block competing WiFi?

Have you ever stayed at a hotel with an Internet charge of $20 per day or more, a limit on your use of its WiFi to two devices per room, a separate daily charge for Internet use for each connected device, or found the hotel’s network too slow for your needs? I’ve encountered all the […]

An update: cellular service on planes, yea or nay

We’ve been reading a lot about the FCC possibly lifting their ban on inflight cellular services. Ned Levi has written about the prospect of lifting the ban in past columns. In this column Ned has an update about the FCC’s position on the ban, and data from a recent survey released by the FAA concerning European inflight cellphone use.

Keep a cell phone operating during a power outage while traveling

Over the last several years in the US, major power outages have occurred due to serious weather activity affecting residents and travelers alike. In many cases, cell phones became “life-lines” for travelers needing rescue and medical assistance during the power outages despite some cellular service interruption, but only if the traveler’s cell phone had a charged battery. Ned Levi discusses methods you can use to keep you phone charged while traveling during a power outage.

Choosing a cellphone headset for travelers

Last week Ned Levi discussed risks which come with traveler cellphone use, which headsets may overcome, as well as practical entertainment and touring uses for cellphone headsets for travelers. This week Ned discusses choosing a cellphone headset for travelers.