Hilton tests $50 “cancellation” fee

Hotel cancellation policies have long been a source of contention between travelers and the hotels. Yhis policy — if adopted chain-wide — are unlikely to help.

Uh-oh! Hotel resort fees are on the rise

Don’t look now, but those reviled mandatory resort fees are on the rise — and in places you might not expect. Orlando is the surprise No. 1 destination for the surcharges, which can cover everything from the hotel gym to a Wi-Fi connection, according to, a site that specializes in resort fee data. A […]

How refundable are airline fees? Not so much

The North American airline industry collected an estimated $8.2 billion last year from fees for items such as checked baggage, premium seat assignments and early boarding privileges — a $700 million increase from 2013. But are they keeping more of your money than they should? Andrew Petrilla wondered about that after his travel companion fell […]

The travel industry cracks down on smokers

Landra Osmus doesn’t smoke. So when she checked out of the Comfort Suites at Sabino Canyon in Tucson, Ariz., recently, she almost choked on her bill, which included a surprise $150 cleaning fee.

How ridiculous are these Virgin Atlantic seat reservation fees?

Matthew Gabel is mad. He recently paid $2,431 for two tickets from Oakland to London on Virgin Atlantic. It seemed like a good deal — until he tried to select his seats. “That’s when I learned of Virgin Atlantic’s new seat-selection policy — an additional 25 euros per seat — a total of 100 euros for […]

Look out! More nonsense fees are coming in 2014

One dollar may not sound like a lot, but when American businesses in general — and travel companies in particular — build their entire ventures on fees like that, it is a big deal. (American raked in $266 million in ticket change fees and $255 million in baggage fees during the first half of 2013. It’s on track to collect more than $1 billion in fees for the year, with most of them coming in a few dollars at a time.)

The great airline fee grab

The domestic airline industry as a whole is in the process of re-imagining its business model, moving away from one in which the price of a ticket covers the basic cost of air transportation to one in which optional fees account for much of its profits.