Sunday musings: Emirates pokes fun at US airlines, Railroad manifesto, Southwest opens new Houston terminal

Emirates pokes fun at US airline first class A manifesto on rail distribution (because the status quo is apparently broken) SilverRail Technologies, a consultant that works with railroads both in Europe and in the US, has released what they call a manifesto that will allow railroads to compete with airlines, especially in the short- and […]

Newsletter – October 4, 2015

Thank you for reading Consumer Traveler/Travelers United weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here. A week in review: New UA CEO, Securing discounted hotel rooms, Vacation rental fees, First-class seats disappearing and more… It’s no secret that United Airlines has had its share of problems with customer service, on-time performance, baggage and […]

Sunday musings: Volcanoes in Italy, Is first class ending? Drugs and driving

Everything about the volcanoes in Italy Volcanoes in Europe are only found in Italy. This article goes into why. The three big volcanoes are Mt. Etna, Mt. Vesuvius and Stromboli. Etna is almost in a continuous state of activity. Vesuvius is famous for burying Pompeii and has been active for hundreds of thousands of years. […]

Have travelers lost the class war?

  Thanks to Christopher Elliott for mentioning the unmentionable — “class” — in an article in USA Today on “the growing rift between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in travel.”

What we’re reading: US/AA draw up proposed settlements,talking your way into first class, book Christmas travel now

US Air, American drawing up proposed settlement US Airways and American Airlines are willing to give up takeoff and landing slots at Reagan National as part of an attempt to get the Justice Department to allow the merger. In a complaint filed in August aimed at stopping the proposed transaction, the Justice Department focused on […]

3 tips for handling upgrade guilt

I’m gripped by guilt when I get upgraded or somehow score a premium seat, which happens almost never, because I refuse to participate in those addictive airline loyalty programs. But when it does, I always cast a hesitant glance back to the economy class section, where the seats are stacked so close together that you almost can’t move, and I feel a little ambivalent – and ashamed.