Flight attendants: still the unsung heroes of 9/11

Besides terrorism, flight attendants are the front line of the airlines' customer service. They are constantly on watch until touchdown at the final destination.
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We take a look at how incomplete delay data from the airlines doesn't tell the full story about schedules and problems with on-time arrivals and departures. Next, the travel editor for Conde Nast Traveler has a chance encounter with a group of United flight attendants and discovers some juicy information. Finally, hotel security is getting an upgrade with new abilities to monitor nooks and crannies of the hotels never before protected.
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Sunday musings: Tipping flight attendants, bringing souvenirs home, WiFi inflight concerns,

Today we can think about whether or not flight attendants should be tipped? If so, why? Read a piece that provides tips on how to carry more souvenirs home and learn about the safety questions recently raised about using personal electronic devices aboard aircraft.
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Flight attendants — still unsung 9/11 heroes

Airline flight attendants are the unsung heroes and frontline foot soldiers in this country’s “war on terrorism.” I’ve said so on every anniversary of the September attacks, and I'll say it again this year.
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This weekend we take a nostalgic look back at flight attendants, enjoy photos of some of the world's most dangerous roads and take a look at St. Anton, one of the world's top ski and snowboard resorts, without its normal covering of snow.
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Fifteen passenger airplane crash survival tips

Saturday an Asiana Airlines' Boeing 777 crashed at San Francisco International Airport. Fortunately all but two of the 307 on the flight have survived. Ned Levi has fifteen air crash survival tips for you, if you are unfortunately involved in an airplane mishap.
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