Costly consequences of flight cancellations. How can the travel industry deal with them?

Today, thousands and thousands of flights have been cancelled. Once upon a time, that would be expected news and the end of the story. However, cancellations themselves are not the biggest problem, getting flights rescheduled and fighting airlines fees for flight changes and dealing with canceled non-refundable reservations at hotels and with other travel providers is becoming a burden.

Weekend what we’re reading: Best US small towns, EU adds passenger rights, golden parachute questioned

This weekend we take a look at 20 great U.S. small towns to visit complied by Smithsonian Magazine; towns filled with culture, history and art. The European Union adds to their consumer-friendly rules when it comes to airline delays and cancellations. And the Department of Justice questions the permissibility of paying the outgoing AA CEO almost $20 million.

United’s “EasyUpdate” — not so easy with cancellations

Anyone who flies regularly and/or works in the travel industry has had plenty of head-scratching moments about the airlines. Greed — the desire to maximize revenue — is understandable. Incompetence can be accepted as well, although with today’s unemployment rate one wonders, how do some of these people have jobs. But some self-inflicted airline actions leave many of us speechless.

6 clues that your flight may be canceled or not

As awful as it is when a flight is canceled due to a storm, in some cases it can be even more frustrating when a flight doesn’t show canceled and it’s nearly impossible to figure if it will fly or not. While changing weather has created chaos all week, here are a few tips to […]

Do airline service cuts mean travel agents will make a comeback?

In the Internet age, many frequent travelers have gotten used to booking most of their airline tickets online. Airlines encourage it by claiming to offer the “best fares” with “no booking fees,” along with occasional other promotions. And many writers will tell you there’s no need to use a travel agent for most domestic flights — until something goes wrong.