US judge dismisses challenge to suspicionless laptop searches at the border

Judge Edward Korman dismissed the ACLU suit, Abidor v. Napolitano, allowing the US Customs and Border Protection program of random border searches and seizures of electronic devices to continue with no requirement of warrants, probable cause, or reasonable suspicion. Ned Levi discusses the CPB program, court rulings which have affected it, and advice for international travelers entering the US.

ACLU, NPPA, slam CBP random data searches — big brother reaches into your computers, smartphones and PDA

Since 9/11, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has had a program of random inspection of electronic media at the border. Without reasonable suspicion or probable cause, CBP has confiscated laptops and other electronic devices for weeks or even years. Ned Levi brings you up to date on the latest news about this serious problem for international travelers.

TSA faces new limits on screening “unrelated to transportation security”

TSA was forced to change their procedures for handling non-terrorist and non-airplane safety issues at their checkpoints. Last March, Steve Bierfeldt, a fundraiser for Rep. Ron Paul, was stopped while carrying $4,500 through airport security in a lock box. He refused to tell TSA why he had the money and where he got it prompting the TSA officers to become apoplectic.