What?! No Christmas gifts from my airline?

Anyone expecting gifts from the airlines this year were sorely disappointed, unless they were stockholders or ultra-elite fliers. The rest of their passengers, especially those in coach, got big lumps of coal.
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    Cleaner toilets for travelers? FF mileage obsessions, TSA Pre-Check now at 40 percent

Cleaner toilets for travelers? FF mileage obsessions, TSA Pre-Check now at 40 percent

Today we look at big data from the perspective of toilet usage.

Five things United Mileage Plus members must pay attention to with the new 2014 Premier qualifying rules

For 2014, United Airlines joined Delta as a legacy carrier requiring a minimum spend as well as miles for various levels of Premier Status.
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Sunday musings: Aging rental-car fleets, FF mileage rip-off?, concrete air traffic arrows

Plenty to think about this weekend — Rental cars are getting more mileage as companies shift from leasing to owning automobiles, US Airways is sued for short-changing frequent fliers on mileage, and the truth about giant concrete arrows that lead across America.
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What we’re reading: TSA complaints jump 26 percent, inheriting FF miles, libraries in hotels

TSA complaints jump 26%, inheriting FF miles, libraries in hotels
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The not-so-entitled traveler — sometime deep discounts limit great service

Airlines, hotels and rental car companies could all use some work on their customer service. On the other hand, there is also a group I refer to as "entitled travelers." They demand five-star service at all times, even when they're paying one-star prices.
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Is it time to regulate frequent flier programs?

Airlines are handing out frequent flier miles by the tens-of-thousands and more through flights, dining out, buying magazines and using credit cards. But, when it comes redeeming those miles, the membership is finding it harder and harder as well as more expensive than ever before. Is it time to take a closer look?

Sunday musings: FF mileage lawsuit, ex-TWA flight attendant blues, airline tickets priced according to weight?

We have three different airline quandaries to ponder. How should frequent flier miles be awarded? Can TWA flight attendants have a second chance to get seniority back when AA merges with USAir? And, will the airlines ever start to charge for airline tickets by passenger weight?
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Sunday musings: Leno spoofs merger, Florida’s illegal tourist drivers, redeeming miles gets very taxing

The Tonight Show leaves its audience and the announcer laughing with their spoof about the AA/USAir merger. Florida's law creates a tsunami of illegal drivers. What will insurance companies do? Finally, we take a look at the amazing amount of taxes and airline-imposed fees being added to frequent flier tickets.
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4 New Year’s traveler resolutions

Ned Levi has four new year's resolutions for travelers which can enhance their sojourns. Ned wishes everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
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