6 reasons to check airline mileage statements regularly

Mileage statements, while not being worth much in strict dollar terms, can involve flight credits worth a lot of money either in freebies, upgrades or status. Check them.
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Best frequent flier programs based on award availability

A recent study done by Idea Works for Switchfly outlines the state of today's frequent flier programs. And, the picture isn't pretty when it comes to US airlines.
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    Why I love Delta’s new loyalty program – and why you’ll probably hate it

Why I love Delta’s new loyalty program – and why you’ll probably hate it

For the first time in decades, the cold reality of the SkyMiles program will send many of us into mileage-collecting rehab, where we can be weaned from our frequent flier addiction and finally make a more informed and rational booking decision.

Sunday musings: Trains in China, complaining about airlines, etags

High-speed trains challenge airplane in China, complaining about airline service doesn't pay, etags may mean less lost baggage.

Why loss of ‘mileage’ runners would hurt us all

It may be too early to write the obituary for frequent-flier mileage runs — those legendary year-end flights that offer a shortcut to an airline's coveted "elite" status — but it's easy to see the end from here. With Delta Air Lines and United Airlines tightening their loyalty program rules in 2014 to require more spending in order to get singled out for special treatment, many of these frivolous round trips could vanish after this winter.

Are airlines killing their frequent flier programs with credit card benefits?

Many benefits that were once only the province of very frequent fliers are available to travelers who haven't set foot on an aircraft in years. Heck, new travel credit card benefits are better in some cases than any airline benefit gained from being an elite level frequent flier.

Sunday musings: Ribbon through clouds, racism and budget hotels? Pointless airline miles?

Sometimes highways are more than only a means of transportation. Is racism rearing its ugly head when it comes to budget hotels? And, taking another look at frequent flier programs.

After loyalty program changes, airlines brace for Million Miler march

If you don't like some of the recent changes to your airline loyalty program, talk to Mike Croswell. He's a United Airlines "Million Miler" who assumed that his three decades of devotion to the airline would be reciprocated after he stopped being a frequent flier.

Should airlines own your frequent flier miles?

If you haven't read your contract with your frequent flier program, you might take some time to do so. Those precious miles that you so carefully earn and add up, don't belong to you. They belong to the airlines. And, they mean it.
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Gogo soars to unexplored heights with new offerings, 10 Las Vegas' best bets for brunch out of casinos, frequent flier programs — good or bad?