Large numbers of non-members in TSA Precheck lines reveal TSA humbug

Unscreened, unvetted, members of the general air traveling public are regularly being shunted into the under utilized TSA Precheck lines at airport security checkpoints. Ned Levi discusses what this means about US airport security, and what issues it infers.
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TSA, CBP and the airlines — your pain means their profits

Both airlines and the government have been creating more and more misery with long lines and abysmal service and then charging fees for upgrades or to avoid the pain they have created. Have you found yourself in that situation.
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Sunday musings: Wolves in Yellowstone, Not so trusted travelers, buying a low fare lock

This Sunday we ponder the effects of reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone and, I hope, realize the unintended consequences of many of our conservation actions. TSA learns that all trusted travelers are to be trusted. And, a new travel player allows passengers to pay to lock in low fares.
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TSA Pre✓improved — now open for everyone

Recently there have been major changes in TSA's Pre✓ program for air travelers. Ned Levi discusses TSA Pre✓ generally and highlights the changes in the program, as well has how to be eligible to use TSA Pre✓ security lines at TSA airport security checkpoints. Also discussed is the combination of TSA Pre✓ with Global Entry for international travelers.
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Avoiding the long wait at Customs and Border Protection when returning to the US

Ned Levi discusses the serious problem of the long delays passengers are enduring at US international airport entry points at Customs and Border Protection, this year, and how to shorten wait time for Customs via Global Entry and even the Model Ports program if you have a tight connection you might miss.
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Reduce your TSA and border control airport hassle with Global Entry

Ned Levi reports that for those who enroll in Global Entry, getting through CBP passport control and customs at Global Entry equipped airports is a breeze, and as TSA rolls out its "Precheck" program nationally, Global Entry members will find it far easier, and less time consuming to proceed through TSA airport security.
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Global Entry — final DHS rule expands program

The Department of Homeland Security announced the Final rule that establishes Global Entry. This program allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers to streamline the international arrivals and admission process at airports for trusted travelers through biometric identification—as a permanent program.
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Dulles Global Entry surpasses 75K user sessions

Since its inception on June 6, 2008, Global Entry members have processed their international arrivals 75,058 times on one of the 14 Dulles self-help kiosks. Global Entry lines are short and each session lasts less than one minute.
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Global Entry — A faster way through customs?

Global Entry is a preferred traveler program for people considered low risk by Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). Members of the program are granted "expedited entry" into the US (government speak for you get to skip all of the lines) in exchange for submitting to a background investigation and interview.
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Two international trusted traveler programs that work

Two of Customs and Border Patrol's Trusted Traveler programs -- NEXUS and Global Entry -- have been getting a lot of press lately as a way to speed up entry back into the US at major airports. Nick Hawkins has had extensive experience with these programs and found them immensely helpful.
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