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    Free coffee for military at airports, Omni golf bag fees, NCL reverses ban

Free coffee for military at airports, Omni golf bag fees, NCL reverses ban

Free coffee for military at airports, Omni hotels to reimburse guests for golf bag fees, Norwegian Cruise Lines reverses ban on bringing food to cabins

What we’re reading: 10 courses every golfer should play, in-flight Wi-Fi spying capabilities, US upgrades Philippines aviation status, TSA Passover matzoh tips

10 courses every golfer should play, GoGo inflight wifi adds more spying capabilities, US upgrades Philippines status

The royal treatment at the Greenbrier

Have I morphed into Alice peering through a looking glass in some fantastical dream? Did Lady Gaga and Martha Stewart join forces to create this Technicolor decor before me? Or is this outrageousness really a reality--a magical transformation of the grandest of grand dames, The Greenbrier?

An unlikely Indiana oasis with two grand hotels and world-class golf

Trendy boutique hotels may be in vogue but this hotel groupie loves the classics. Spare me cold, minimalist lobbies and rooms with showers I can’t figure out how to use. And while you’re at it, save those artsy and uncomfortable minimalist sofas for train stations. Ta-ta to impersonal stainless steel and surround me with museum-quality mosaics and stained glass that transports me to a time of grace and elegance.

Simply put, I want to be immersed in another era, the moment I arrive. But don’t get me wrong. I want every 21st century bell and whistle from flat screen TVs and WIFI in my room to world-class golf and restaurants that pack plenty of panache.

The Tides Inn: a relaxing escape for those who don’t want non-stop action

If your thing is big city glitz, The Tides Inn in Irvington, Va. isn’t for you. If you like the water, watching boats, biking, playing a few rounds of golf on a par 72 Golden Eagle Golf Club, designed by George Cobband and taking it easy, you’ll love the Tides Inn. Travel and Leisure has named The Tides Inn its number one choice for Best Resort in Virginia (and the only Virginia resort mentioned in their Top 100 issue last year).

The 106-room inn overlooking Carter’s Creek, surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay to the East, the Potomac River to the north and the Rappahannock River to the south, is an ideal place for family vacations. There’s so much for children to experience while adults do their thing.

“She actually sounded like she cared”

A legacy airline with outstanding customer service? Give me a time machine, and I'll show you one.