6 tablet benefits (and 4 shortcomings) for travelers vis-à-vis laptops

With tablet mobile devices being used more and more by travelers, Ned Levi examines whether or not they can replace the laptop computer as the primary computing device for travelers, or if for some travelers, the transition to a tablet will have to wait.
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Tips to be prepared in case of a cruise ship emergency

Last week Ned Levi looked at the maritime regulations which are in force for cruise ships and recommended changes, in light of the Costa Concordia tragedy. This week Ned offers safety tips for cruisers, so they are prepared in case an emergency occurs to help them ensure their safety, along with family, and friends traveling with them.
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Top 10 tips to protect your laptop and data while traveling

There are more problems for travelers with laptops than just passing through Customs and Border Protection, including when traveling within the US. Ned Levi gives you his Top 10 tips (plus 2 special tips) to protect your laptop and data while traveling.
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Oh my, I lost my ID. How am I going to get home?

A lost or stolen driver's license or passport can be a disaster for a traveler trying to fly home. Ned Levi has suggestions to successfully handle these serious ID problems with a little pre-trip preparation, and a lot of common sense.
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