How business travelers can dump their laptops for an iPad

Many business travelers are using iPads for entertainment, touring, and some communication when away from home. Many are now trying to decide if they can leave their business laptops at home while traveling and instead use their iPads for work. Ned Levi examines whether or not that’s possible for business travelers, and what hardware and software they might need to accomplish the transition.

10 must-know laptop computer security tips for travelers

With laptops being stolen at the rate of almost one per minute, and more than 12,000 laptops going lost or missing at US airports each week, Ned Levi has updated his recommendations for securing your laptop while traveling, preventing its theft, but in case of theft, ensuring, to the extent possible, the integrity of your data and the personal and business information located on your laptop.

8 steps to prevent cyber-attack damage to traveler laptops

The Internet Crime Complaint Center has issued a warning about cyber attacks on traveler laptop computers connected to hotel guest Internet networks. Ned Levi discusses the problem and outlines 8 steps travelers can take to prevent damage from cyber attacks to their laptop computers connected to hotel and publicly accessible Internet networks.

Top 10 tips to protect your laptop and data while traveling

There are more problems for travelers with laptops than just passing through Customs and Border Protection, including when traveling within the US. Ned Levi gives you his Top 10 tips (plus 2 special tips) to protect your laptop and data while traveling.

ACLU, NPPA, slam CBP random data searches — big brother reaches into your computers, smartphones and PDA

Since 9/11, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has had a program of random inspection of electronic media at the border. Without reasonable suspicion or probable cause, CBP has confiscated laptops and other electronic devices for weeks or even years. Ned Levi brings you up to date on the latest news about this serious problem for international travelers.

Are your laptop and data safe when you travel? Survey says …

A Ponemon Institute study states 12,000 traveler laptops go lost missing or stolen each week at US airports. Gartner, Inc. says a laptop is stolen in the US every 53 seconds. Ned Levi reports on the startling statistics and how you can protect your laptop and data.