Distracted driving and big data — what’s the connection and concern

General Motors just announced that it is planning on beginning to place special distracted driving software into some of its new automobiles. This software will track eye movement and head movement to determine distraction levels. The idea is to keep track of what the passenger is doing and alert him or her if they seem […]

Safely post your vacation photos while you’re away, especially of your children

Posting your vacation photos online via social media sites, or online galleries while you’re traveling can have serious unintended consequences. Ned Levi discusses the problems of privacy when posting vacation photos online, the consequences which can result from the postings, and what you can do to prevent those consequences.

How’s the iPhone 5 for travelers?

Ned Levi has been evaluating Apple’s new iPhone 5 for a short time now, and has a first look review for you. Ned discusses important issues of the phone for travelers including, screen size, phone size, LTE, simultaneous use of voice and data, battery life, GPS usability, the new lightning connector, mapping apps and other issues.

Do you trust GPS directions?

We’d entrusted our route to the Google Maps app on my iPhone; it had never steered us wrong. The program assured me that yes, the winding road between Santa Maria and Interstate 5 was the fastest, most direct route to our destination. It even showed me the gas stations along the way: a Texaco, an Exxon and a Chevron. Wrong on all counts.

Monitored driving for insurance discounts (or surcharges)

For more than a decade, rental car companies have been monitoring the use of their automobiles through the use of GPS devices. They have looked at monitoring speed limits, the distance traveled and destinations. Now insurance companies are beginning to tap into the information that GPS units can reveal about drivers. With more than 90 […]

What we’re reading: Rental car takes a dip in the bay, airlines warn of Olympic chaos, pilot skills may be eroding due to technology

Rental car’s navigation system guides Japanese students straight into the ocean When it comes to using your GPS, don’t believe everything it tells you, as a group of Japanese students found out recently. In what can surely be filed under the “what in the world were they thinking” category. Three Japanese tourists decided to forgo […]