What we’re reading: States open National Park sites, satellite WiFi on United, new O’Hare runway could increase noise

Three sites to reopen with state funding, satellite Wi-Fi on United planes, new O'Hare runway could increase noise

Is it time to bring wireless services to the US national parks?

The US National Park Service (NPS) is under growing pressure to provide WIFI and cellular services for park visitors, at least, in the developed areas of the national parks, roads, and trailheads. Ned Levi discusses the pros and cons of the NPS installing these services.
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What we’re reading: Exploring the Grand Canyon, Houston to implement NextGen, fewer Americans planning a vacation

Exploring the secret canyons of the Grand Canyon by video, Houston to implement NextGen for better approaches, fewer Americans planning a vacation according to US Travel Association study

What we’re reading: Helicopter tour sales slow, JAL sets new 787 routes, 787 sets records

Helicopter tour sales slow, JAL announces its new 787 routes, Boeing's 787 sets speed and distance records
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What we’re reading: Grand Canyon Airport, bird’s eye view of Las Vegas, SWA ugly-sweater holiday pictures

Expanding Grand Canyon Arisona Airport, bird's eye view of Las Vegas, SWA holiday pictures with Microsoft

Extreme winter-weather photography

While extreme winter weather photography is challenging, the photographic opportunities during such weather are amazing and often beautiful. Ned Levi discusses how you can meet those challenges in order to capture amazing winter photographs.
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Manmade flood flushes Grand Canyon

More than 300,000 gallons of water per second were released from Lake Powell Wednesday to flood the Grand Canyon -- an act meant to mimic natural events that nourished the gorge's ecosystem.
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