The Big Island — a continent of activities

Some vacationers soak up sun on beaches with white, black and even green sand. Nearby, skiers speed down snow-covered slopes of a dormant volcano. Other people check out a surreal moonscape of hardened pitch-black lava and hike through a lush tropical rainforest. If this sounds like a continent-wide choice of activities, it’s because the island […]

Airlines — heartless with cancer patient? Heavy-handed with videographer

The story on the face of it is a complete nightmare — a cancer sufferer with multiple myeloma, who was enjoying a Hawaii vacation with her family, was booted off her return flight on Alaska Airlines because she didn’t have a doctor’s note. And, a passenger who recorded an exchange on a JetBlue flight between […]

Virgin America flies to paradise, not chump change, no union for Delta FAs

Virgin America has your tickets to paradise: New flights to Hawai’i now on sale The next time you want to fly to the Aloha State, there’s another airline you can choose from. Virgin America, the airline known for reinventing domestic travel, today announces it will start flying from San Francisco to Honolulu, Oahu, from November […]

Half price Hawaii, SkyMiles updates, SWA international flight

Hawaii for half-price? Airfare deals to the Islands keep on coming Want to escape the winter blues? How about Hawaii? Fares are now pretty cheap. The onslaught of Hawaii deals began in December, with some roundtrips from almost all major US cities to most major Hawaiian airports in the high $500 range. We jumped on […]

Kauai — Truth in advertising

Remember when Maui was considered the undeveloped island of Hawaii, in the days before hordes of tourists — and the commercialism that inevitably follows — invaded its pristine coastline? Well quick — before the same thing happens to Kauai, visit the Garden Isle, the lushest and prettiest of the Hawaiian Islands. Go before it loses […]

Hawaii’s beauty, Legoland may open in New York, Ryanair may take over Cyprus Airways

55 years of statehood: Celebrating Hawaii Hawaii has become one of the most popular places to visit. Celebrating 55 years of statehood, CNN put together a photo essay of the highlights of beautiful Hawaii. The region’s beauty, history and landscape have enthralled novice and seasoned travelers alike. American travel writer Paul Theroux once said, “Hawaii […]

The Road to Hana: The road more traveled — with good reason

Just as the queasiness in my stomach from the continuous onslaught of curves and cutbacks along the narrow uphill road began to subside, we rounded yet another 180-degree bend. The first waterfall with whipped cream waters dripping down deep creviced cleavages appeared by the roadside, its beauty washing away all my remaining reservations. The first […]

What we’re reading: Takeoff aborted at PHL, experiencing Hawaii, TSA stops live data testing

Takeoff aborted at Philadelphia International Airport, passenger snaps runway selfie US Airways flight 1702 had to abort its takeoff when a tire blew and the nose gear collapsed. The passengers aboard Flight 1702 heading for Florida were forced to evacuate onto the Philadelphia International Airport’s runway after a nose gear collapse that left plumes of […]

Helicopter tours and great scenic photography

More and more often, travelers are taking helicopter tours at their destinations for spectacular views, amazing photographic opportunities, and a chance to visit venues unreachable by other means. Ned Levi has advice for taking helicopter tours, and photographing the panorama of scenery you’ll see while inflight.

Memorial Day: A day to take time to say “Thank you!”

It’s Memorial Day in the United States. Ned Levi reflects on the day and his travel to two critical battlefields of World War Two; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where the USS Arizona memorial lies, which is the final resting place of much of its crew, and Omaha Beach, Normandy, France, where in its memorial cemetery, 9,387 American soldiers who fought and died there, are buried.