Don’t make financial mistakes which can ruin your vacation, part 1

Purchasing a summer vacation well, by carefully making vacation choices, and reservations is only the beginning of carefully considering vacation financial issues. Ned Levi discusses many of the potential financial mistakes vacationers can make and how to avoid them.
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Titanic-sized medical bill surprises cruising couple

Anita Dunham-PotterSusan and Larry Smith just wanted to enjoy their first-ever trans-Atlantic voyage aboard Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. But when Larry Smith experienced chest pains that landed him in the ship's infirmary, they were headed for a shock: a medical bill for $1,200.

Why Daschle’s withdrawal makes a difference to travelers

Before Tom Daschle decided to withdraw his nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services, some of my friends felt that forgetting to pay taxes and filing a late return wasn't a big deal. But my concerns were with his close ties to the very industries he would be overseeing.
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