5 grinches of holiday flight boarding

One of the worst parts of airline travel has become the boarding process. Around the holidays, the boarding grinches come out in force.

Consumer Traveler Newsletter – November 10, 2014

This upcoming holiday season seems to be getting the same headlines as those we have always seen, but there is something far different this time around.
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    Should airlines pay us for schedule changes when they change them?

Should airlines pay us for schedule changes when they change them?

Should airlines pay passengers a change fine equal to their change fees when they significantly change flights? It seems like a good idea.
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6 tips for procrastinators searching for a warm weather holiday vacation

The problem with vacationing at the end of the year — everyone else wants to do it. While most travel agents have some clients who book almost a year in advance to get exactly what they want, not everyone thinks that far ahead. And, in the fall, options are already very limited. Here are six tips for those who wait until the last minute.
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Why you won’t get a great last-minute warm destination deal during holiday season

Americans these days are conditioned to expect bargains. Any travel agent will tell you, no call is more dreaded this time of year than the one where someone wants that last-minute "somewhere warm" holiday deal.
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What we’re reading: Don’t-miss holiday events, airport flu shots, online travel agents get personal

Holiday events, get flu shots at the airport, adding a personal touch to online booking
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8 tips for those who absolutely, positively must fly Thanksgiving week

I know, you've asked yourself, "What was I thinking?" But, if you must fly during this Thanksgiving season, here are 8 tips to make it through the flight.
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With today’s load factors, holiday travel is just like any other day … only different

With load factors pushing and sometimes exceeding 80 percent, planes and airports can’t get much more crowded than they have been for the last half of this year. In fact, the airlines association has predicted that the numbers of travelers this holiday season will be less (gasp) than last year. But load factors will be up.

It seems that everyone wants to talk about the crush of holiday travel when I’m called for radio interviews between Thanksgiving and Christmas. While, historically, the holidays have been the period when planes used to be fullest and when airports seemed the most crowded, that is no longer strictly the case. A Wednesday in the middle of March or midweek after the 4th of July weekend might see as much traffic as the day before Christmas Eve or the day after New Year. The airlines have seized control of their capacity and simply do not have as many seats to sell today as they had a year ago.

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A Grinch-y post? Holiday vents from travel agents and airline reservationists

Here is a compilation of Grinch-like thoughts many in the travel industry may have contemplated, but won't express to the traveling public, collected from friends and colleagues in the travel business and from a few airline reservationists.
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Survey shows holiday travel rising this year

The TripAdvisor® annual December holiday travel survey shows, despite the current economic climate, 76 percent of respondents say the economy has not impacted their December holiday travel plans. Forty-three percent are planning to travel over the festive season this year, up from 38 percent who did so in 2010.
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