The best tip for a great hotel stay — get a human involved

These days there are all kinds of commercials and online ads for great hotel websites and apps, all intimating that booking through them will get you some glorious room or suite at a good price. While, certainly, there are some website deals out there on everything from the smallest rooms to suites, if travelers really […]

5 reasons to consider a travel agent for a hotel staycation

Many travelers who prefer to do it themselves for simple trips will only call a travel agent for something complicated or exotic. But, in many cases when someone is looking for a special short getaway to a local hotel or resort, a travel agent might be more valuable than they think.

8 tips to score early check-in at hotels

Travel agents and hotels get the “early check-in” request all the time. The problem is, it’s not something that can generally be guaranteed. Here’s an explanation, along with some tips to help score an early check-in.

Overbooked at the inn? The blame game and what to do about it

A traveler arrived at her hotel only to learn that it is overbooked. When given another room at a “sister property,” she declined and showed the hotel their confirmation message. She eventually got her room; and not a bad one at that. The this raises the question, “When should you fight over your booking?”

Hotel bookings — why you might need more than a confirmation number

Hotel reservation systems have come a long way from the early days of computerization. Most travelers and travel agents who booked hotels when the big chains first partnered with the airline reservation systems have at least one or two horror stories. There are still glitches.