Is it it time to ban smoking at casinos?

In my experience, smoke permeates every area in most every casino-hotel which permits any smoking in their casinos.

Does Airbnb.com need regulating?

It is not easy being a disrupter, organized to share, when it comes to long-established, highly regulated businesses like hotels and taxis.

Is hotel room service overpriced?

A recent survey on the costs of room service found that a club sandwich costs an average of $16. Mac and Cheese might cost upwards of $20 with a glass of milk coming in about the same? Strangely, even with the exorbitant prices, hotels are losing money on room service. And, New York's second largest hotel just discontinued room service. Why does it survive?
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Sunday musings: Airline punctuality elusive, chance encounter with flight attendants, hotel security

We take a look at how incomplete delay data from the airlines doesn't tell the full story about schedules and problems with on-time arrivals and departures. Next, the travel editor for Conde Nast Traveler has a chance encounter with a group of United flight attendants and discovers some juicy information. Finally, hotel security is getting an upgrade with new abilities to monitor nooks and crannies of the hotels never before protected.
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Sunday musings: Toll House Cookies, drones over America, dying hotel minibars

We travel to the home of the chocolate chip cookie. Then take a look at the FAA's testing of drones. And, finally, ponder the existence of the hotel minibar — is it long for this travel world?
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What we’re reading: Court upholds right for PED searches at borders, most anticipated hotel openings, stopped toilet stops flight

Court upholds right for PED searches at border crossings, most anticipated hotel openings, toilet clog cancels flight

Sunday musings: Boarding planes faster, personal airport shoppers, selling sleep

This Sunday we take time to look at the science of boarding planes and wonder why this seems to be harder than rocket science. We hear about Heathrow Airport that is providing personal shoppers upon request to sell the best of their duty-free offerings. And, hotels begin to sell sleep with questionable remedies for deep sleep. Will sleep-deprived zombies pay extra for zzzz's?
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Weekend what we’re reading: Santa Claus in Jerusalem, sardines on planes, women-only hotel floors

This weekend we find out one of the places that Santa Claus lived before he took up residence in the North Pole. We examine the interaction of people in planes based on space between seats and we hear about women-only floors in hotels.
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Weekend what we’re reading: Important hotel amenities, airline credit card perks, most disliked travelers

This weekend, we feature a couple of surveys — one about what amenities we like best at hotels and the other about what passengers we like least in planes. We also take a look at the airline credit card wars and how they may affect passengers.
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Why are families drowning in travel fees?

The travel industry likes to describe itself as "family friendly." But some customers and family travel experts claim the travel industry preys on families as much as it pampers them, broadsiding these helpless customers with junk fees and surcharges.