5 steps to find cheap hotel rates

This is a 5-step process I often use to find cheap hotel rates. Some numbers are included from an actual stay to show how I saved over 50 percent for a stay at Country Inn & Suites in New Orleans: 5 Steps to Find Cheap Hotel Rates 1. Search on company website A friend suggested Country Inn & Suites for my trip to New Orleans. On Country Inn […]

SF stadium lights hinder landings, Most secluded hotels in the world, changing rental car world

Pilots: ‘Blinding’ lights at 49ers’ stadium a safety hazard The complaints have been mounting and even the FAA has noted problems, However, they persist. Airline pilots from many airlines have asked the 49er management to change the lighting and scoreboard testing systems. “It was blinding. It was blinding,” said [pilot] Kurowicki, who filed a complaint […]

Ownership-level airline collusion, hotels of the future, San Francisco + cars + pedestrians

U.S. looks at airline investors for evidence of fare collusion About a year ago, Travelers United raised this issue of airline collusion at the investor level with the Department of Justice (DOJ). It seemed to be another level of monopoly control. Studies had shown that airline stockholders were overly concentrated at the ownership/investor level and […]

United’s more-of-the-same CEO, Floating hotels, UK rental car woes

At United, meet the new boss, same as the old boss Joe Brancatelli, long-time business travel columnist, is shaking his head at United Airlines’s hiring of a railroad executive to run the airline as its current CEO is run out of the company. He wants to know when the airline will hire someone with airline smarts […]