When airlines misrepresent the truth to you and Congress

An airline pricing bill, passed out of the House committee, is based on two major prevarications. Here's the scoop and a petition already with 35,000 names that will help consumers fight back.

Airlines still fighting full fare advertising. New legislation moves consumer rights backwards

Yesterday, a group of Representatives introduced the Transparent Airfares Act of 2014. This bill is a major step backwards for consumers and the sponsors of this bill, from both sides of the aisle, have simply not thought through what they are proposing. And, the airline lobbyists, intent on finding ways to make airline pricing more obscure, are flogging a dead horse that has been killed at least three times over the past three years.

Facts about FAA partial shutdown from John Mica, Chairman House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

As I noted in my article about the current FAA bill extension, or rather the lack of such an extension, the U.S. government is losing almost $30 million a day because Sen. Rockerfeller's is upset with the process that the House of Representatives used in adding some minor changes to the Essential Air Service law.

Congress, the FAA and the DC state of mind — everyone loses, but the airlines

The FAA bill extension was not passed last week. It has meant that the government cannot collect something like $200 million in taxes and surcharges every week. The FAA funding mandate expired last Friday night (Aug. 22) and since then it is estimated that the government has already lost $150 million.

“The bloated bureaucratic … TSA is not what Congress intended”

Rather than trying to perform all security functions itself — operator, administrator, auditor and regulator — TSA would better invest its time and efforts by focusing on individuals who pose threats, elevating intelligence and setting standards that address current security risks.
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Senators ask Transportation Department to heed warning on airline alliances

In a bureaucratic battle between the Department of Transportation and the Department of Justice, members of the Senate Judiciary committee have raised their voices once again. They are warning about the pending antitrust immunity for the American Airlines/British Airways/Iberia OneWorld Alliance.
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DOT and DOJ bicker about airline alliances

The battle of airline alliances within the federal bureaucracy is heating up. The Senate committee responsible for transportation and aviation issues is lining up against their opposite in the House. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has squared off against the Department of Justice (DOJ).
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House and Senate committees face off over airline alliances and antitrust immunity

An interesting dynamic has emerged in Congress with discussions about airline alliances. The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is staunchly against such antitrust immunity and the Senate Commerce Science & Transportation Committee is strongly in favor of these arrangements.
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