Keep a cell phone operating during a power outage while traveling

Over the last several years in the US, major power outages have occurred due to serious weather activity affecting residents and travelers alike. In many cases, cell phones became "life-lines" for travelers needing rescue and medical assistance during the power outages despite some cellular service interruption, but only if the traveler's cell phone had a charged battery. Ned Levi discusses methods you can use to keep you phone charged while traveling during a power outage.
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Weekend what we’re reading: Amsterdam keeps hash, Delta antitrust probe, quick airline storm bounceback

Amsterdam will not ban tourists from its marijuana coffee houses. Delta is getting dinged for breaking promises to Congress about service in the wake of their merger with Northwest Airlines. And, airlines bounce back from their Hurricane Sandy whack.
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Weekend what we’re reading: Disney’s new park, snakes in pants, hiding airplanes from hurricanes

This weekend we read about a new Disney resort in Hawaii, a man caught with snakes in his pants and we find the airplanes that disappeared from JFK as the hurricane rolled up the eastern coast.
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Laura on dealing with disaster, Part 3 — Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, volcanoes

This is Part 3 of Laura’s treatise on dealing with disasters. In this segment she focuses on natural disasters with tips on surviving hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or tsunami.

A hurricane is headed for my hotel — how ’bout a refund?

Kristin Budden's hotel promises her a refund for her nonrefundable hotel room after a hurricane strikes. But months later, there's no sign of the money and the hotel has gone into radio silence. Should she kiss the money goodbye?

Help! My rental company ran out of cars

Kristin Luna reserves a car in Austin, Texas but when she checks in, her car rental company is out of vehicles. She's free to rent from another company, but will have to pay an extra $245. Shouldn't her car rental company or travel agent help her?

Hurricane Ike is coming, and hotels had better get their act together

As yet another hurricane bears down on us, Gulf states residents are once again deciding whether or not to evacuate their homes. I have a feeling that by the end of the week, we'll once more see news footage of people packing their cars and hitting the road.
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Slick hurricane tracking sites debut in time for big gulf storm

With the hurricane season in full swing, MSNBC has debuted the Hurricane Tracker just in time to follow Ike. It's one of two new applications that follow tropical storms and hurricanes.

Gustav’s dangerous aftermath

There is still no electricity in many of the surrounding parishes. New Orleans itself has patches where electricity is online, although crews are still working to clear debris from roadways and restore more power to customers. Storms and tornados are passing through. The danger has changed from the hurricane to its aftermath.
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Hurricane Gustav now “nothing more than a powerful thunderstorm”

By the time it got to Mandeville, La., where I had evacuated to from New Orleans, Hurricane Gustav was nothing more than a powerful thunderstorm. The wind was gusty and a couple of trees fell. But it was certainly nothing worthy of hiding out in a hallway or needing to take cover.
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