Safeguarding your privacy, identity and data while traveling

Keeping you laptop, tablet and smartphone secure from hackers requires vigilant, proactive measures to safeguard traveler privacy, businesses, families, and identities. Ned Levi has a dozen safeguard actions travelers can employ to prevent their devices from being hacked.

Is Marriott’s Wi-Fi hotspot U-turn a hollow victory?

As I reported last month in my column, “Google and Microsoft join the fight against Marriott blocking guests’ MIFI” Marriott, with the support of the American Hospitality & Lodging Association, has been fighting with the FCC over how hotels should be permitted to manage their Wi-Fi Internet access. Marriott, for reasons I will discuss below, […]

Sunday musings: Data tracking — food we eat, customer service, planes we fly

Today we take time to muse about big data. It has significant promises in the fields of promising merchandising and, perhaps, in customer service. But, big data has a problem with big physical objects, like a 250-ton airplane. How data and online ordering is changing fast food service I never heard of Sheetz before I […]

Will airlines need to install “Phone Booths of Silence?”

The FCC is considering lifting its ban on cellphone use for phone calls on airplanes inflight. Ned Levi explores the problem of cellphone use inflight, in part, by examining cellphone use on Amtrak, and proposes a possible solution which would allow airline passengers to make phone calls without disturbing fellow passengers.

Amtrak improvement at its New York Penn Station is essential

Train travel is an important mode of travel for many traveling the world, including in the US. Amtrak is the nation’s largest rail system and carries more than 30 million passengers each year. Ned Levi discusses Amtrak and an important and essential change in their New York Penn Station boarding process which should be implemented immediately.

Is it time to bring wireless services to the US national parks?

The US National Park Service (NPS) is under growing pressure to provide WIFI and cellular services for park visitors, at least, in the developed areas of the national parks, roads, and trailheads. Ned Levi discusses the pros and cons of the NPS installing these services.

Keep a cell phone operating during a power outage while traveling

Over the last several years in the US, major power outages have occurred due to serious weather activity affecting residents and travelers alike. In many cases, cell phones became “life-lines” for travelers needing rescue and medical assistance during the power outages despite some cellular service interruption, but only if the traveler’s cell phone had a charged battery. Ned Levi discusses methods you can use to keep you phone charged while traveling during a power outage.

Do luxury hotel Internet add-on fees make sense any longer?

J.D. Power and Associates released their 2012 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study last month indicating hotel guest dissatisfaction with Internet access fees which continue to be encountered more at luxury hotels, than other hotels. Ned Levi discusses hotel Internet fees, and if they make sense any longer.

8 steps to prevent cyber-attack damage to traveler laptops

The Internet Crime Complaint Center has issued a warning about cyber attacks on traveler laptop computers connected to hotel guest Internet networks. Ned Levi discusses the problem and outlines 8 steps travelers can take to prevent damage from cyber attacks to their laptop computers connected to hotel and publicly accessible Internet networks.