What we’re reading: Biden blasts LaGuardia, airline pet handlers speak out, best aviation museums

Biden blasts LaGuardia, airline pet handlers speak out, world's best aviation museums

What we’re reading: AA to eliminate CLT-Brazil service, LGA emptied over smoking bag, Winter Olympic wonderlands

American to eliminate CLT-Brazil service, LGA emptied over smoking bag, Winter Olympic wonderlands

The new American Airlines: Winners and Losers

Now that the bankruptcy judge has approved the merger of American Airlines and US Airways, the last hurdle is gone and shortly the two airlines will merge. Ned Levi examines who the winners and losers are as the merger is completed.
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What is the future of the new American Airline’s hubs?

The suit by the Department of Justice and various states to block the merger of US Airways and American Airlines has been settled. It's highly unlikely the merger can be derailed. Ned Levi examines the potential future of the new American Airlines' hubs and their chances of survival as hubs.
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Unaccompanied minors flying — potential nightmares around every corner

Ned Levi examines Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor policies and actions, in light of the problems of Chloe Boyce, who was flying on their airline from Nashville to New York. Chloe, a 9 year old was inexplicably taken off her flight in Baltimore and rebooked on a later flight without notifying her mother or anyone else in her family.
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Has commonsense been lost in the airline industry?

Ned Levi explores recent incidents at JFK airport, during the late December snow storm; JetBlue stopping a press photographer from doing his work in JFK's Terminal 5, and JFK officials keeping international passengers stranded on the tarmac for as many as 11 hours while they figured out how to get them to Immigration and Customs.
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Delta and US Airways engage in slot swap shenanigans

Last August, Delta Air Lines and US Airways proposed a swap of arrival and departure slots between Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, and LaGuardia Airport, in New York City. This swap would concentrate each of the airlines’ schedules — US Air would gain more gravitas at Reagan National and Delta could build up their service at LaGuardia in New York.

After a back and forth with the FAA, Delta and US Airways have issued a counterproposal to the FAA’s conditions for this swap. It doesn’t protect consumers’ interests.

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What we’re reading: Delta starts Chicago/NY shuttle service, CO says bookings flat, airport wars

Delta starts NY/Chicago shuttle service, Continental says air travel bookings flat, airports fight for passengers

LaGuardia passengers get free charging stations

Passengers at New York’s LaGuardia now have charging stations provided free of charge courtesy of Samsung Electronics and the Port Authority of New York.

Airlines resist LaGuardia plan

Federal officials are proposing to cut flights and to auction rights for new flights at New York's LaGuardia Airport.
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