Most popular rental car, more Lufthansa strikes? NY airports get overhaul

You can rent whatever you want, as long as it’s an Impala The next time you want to rent a car, don’t be surprised if you get a Chevrolet Impala. Rental car companies registered 89,569 new Impalas during 2013, making it America’s top-selling rental car for two years running. Fifty-seven percent of all new Impalas […]

So much for more competition because of the AA/US merger

I said it during the Senate Aviation Subcommittee hearings on Capitol Hill and now the “new” America Airlines (AA) is proving me correct. The AA/US merger what’s-down-is-up and what’s-up is-down claim that cutting the number of network airlines from four to three would improve competition is now clearly seen as cynical bald-face misdirection. AA’s new line-up service from LaGuardia makes that clear as a bell.

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Qantas cuts 1000 jobs, mulls future of Jetstar and frequent flyers Qantas will cut 1000 jobs and will consider selling Jetstar, its low-cost subsidiary as well as its frequent flyer program. After pleading over the last two weeks for financial assistance from the federal government, Qantas said in a profit warning on Thursday that the […]