Sunday musings: Limits on personalized license plates, Mobile wallet drivers license, LA taxis vs. Uber

State rules on personalized license plates California and many other states have very strict rules about what can be put on vanity license plates. Some of the denied plates are surprising. Others are easy to understand. Some plates requested read differently when turned upside down and others have cryptic meanings to police and gangs. Who […]

What is the future of the new American Airline’s hubs?

The suit by the Department of Justice and various states to block the merger of US Airways and American Airlines has been settled. It’s highly unlikely the merger can be derailed. Ned Levi examines the potential future of the new American Airlines’ hubs and their chances of survival as hubs.

6 carry-on flight essentials for comfort, delays and problems

After encountering an aborted take-off recently, requiring a rebooked fight and a long delay, Ned Levi talked with fellow frequent fliers about what essentials they take into the cabin in their carry-ons for in-flight comfort and to counter delays and problems. Ned discusses those six essentials in this week’s column.

Off the beaten path Los Angeles: The Watts Towers

Often when we travel to cities, there are wonderful locations and sights to visit not on the “top attraction” lists. Ned Levi has a recommendation for one of those sights in Los Angeles, the Watts Towers, an often overlooked location despite it being on the US National Register of Historic Places, and a National Historic Landmark.

What we’re reading: thousands of security breaches, California-Las Vegas train gets environment ok, carmageddon in Los Angeles

Figures show thousands of security breaches at U.S. airports Citing information it received from the TSA, a House committee said that the nation’s airports “have suffered more than 25,000 security breaches since November 2001.” The breaches — amounting to about seven a day, or about five per year at every airport — include everything from […]