For most travelers, Lufthansa will no longer have fully refundable fares

Lufthansa claims its latest fee will help passengers like you. But it will do the exact opposite. Let’s pull the curtain back a little on the insider world of travel. No doubt the reaction of many readers of this post will be to ask, “What’s a GDS?” And these days, consumers are so accustomed to […]

Potential airline merger, Lufthansa accounts hacked, Godzilla returns to Tokyo

Op-Ed: Next to disappear? Potential U.S. airline mergers analyzed Last Friday we posted a story telling us that another airline merger is unlikely. However, John Walton’s editorial analyzes which airline would next be a target if a merger were to happen. Merger and acquisition rumours continue to swirl around Seattle-based Alaska Airlines. Its well-publicised ongoing […]

United-Lufthansa nightmare — even agents are confused by FF upgrades

Everyone loves earning frequent flier miles. Redeeming them, however, is a whole different story. There are times when using miles is simple, but it seems like those times are few and far between, especially when partner airlines are involved. Most of the time, partner awards are for free tickets only, not upgrades. But, there are […]

Envoy Air to close New York bases, Lufthansa pilot strike spread, WestJet looks to fly long-haul

Envoy Air to close New York JFK and LGA bases Envoy Air, American Airlines’ subsidiary, will reduce its CRJ700 fleet and close its bases at JFK and LaGuardia starting in May. The development comes as Envoy concentrates flying at its two largest hubs—Dallas/Fort Worth and Chicago. Envoy still operates some flights from Miami, but employees […]

Lufthansa pilots strike, 16 amazing airports, AirAsia body search to be called off

Lufthansa pilots strike, no end to dispute in sight Lufthansa pilots started a two-day strike on Wednesday over early retirement benefits and the airline’s cost-cutting plans. Wednesday’s strike, the second this year, affects short and medium-haul operations at Lufthansa with 750 flights canceled out of 1,400 scheduled. Another walkout has been announced for Thursday, hitting […]

Unscreened passengers in pre-check, US bullet train breaks ground, robot buys airline ticket

CBS2 investigates: TSA selects passengers not enrolled in PreCheck for expedited screening According to a recent investigation by CBS2 News in Los Angeles, some say that TSA’s practice of sending non-PreCheck passengers to the PreCheck line is “compromising safety.” CBS News’ Travel Editor Peter Greenberg, who is enrolled in the program, says the TSA’s move […]

United elite FF changes, Las Vegas facts, new air routes for 2015

United announces changes to MileagePlus Premier qualification requirements United Airlines is changing its qualifications for MileagePlus Premier. On Thursday, the Chicago-based airline said it would raise its Premier Qualification Dollar, or PQD, requirement for earning Premier status. Meeting PQD thresholds was first added to qualify for elite status for 2015. PQDs measure a member’s annual […]

Most popular rental car, more Lufthansa strikes? NY airports get overhaul

You can rent whatever you want, as long as it’s an Impala The next time you want to rent a car, don’t be surprised if you get a Chevrolet Impala. Rental car companies registered 89,569 new Impalas during 2013, making it America’s top-selling rental car for two years running. Fifty-seven percent of all new Impalas […]