SE Asia river cruising, MH370 search, UA & AA look at US-NZ flights

Pandaw: Proven ships, new waters It’s been 20 years since Scotsman Paul Strachan took his first passengers along the Irrawaddy river in Myanmar. With increasing competition, Strachan is looking for new waters to explore. “In the last year, I thought, ‘We’d better do some more pioneering,’” said Strachan, who has in recent years been joined […]

Sunday musings: Data tracking — food we eat, customer service, planes we fly

Today we take time to muse about big data. It has significant promises in the fields of promising merchandising and, perhaps, in customer service. But, big data has a problem with big physical objects, like a 250-ton airplane. How data and online ordering is changing fast food service I never heard of Sheetz before I […]

What we’re reading: Takeoff aborted at PHL, experiencing Hawaii, TSA stops live data testing

Takeoff aborted at Philadelphia International Airport, passenger snaps runway selfie US Airways flight 1702 had to abort its takeoff when a tire blew and the nose gear collapsed. The passengers aboard Flight 1702 heading for Florida were forced to evacuate onto the Philadelphia International Airport’s runway after a nose gear collapse that left plumes of […]

What we’re reading: Standing airline tickets possible, no automated messages from doomed plane, Vegas — burger capital

Spring Airlines considers selling standing tickets China’s Spring Airlines is considering selling standing tickets if approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). [Spring chairman]Wang [Zhenghua] said the standing tickets would be 30 percent to 40 percent cheaper than air tickets for flights less than two hours. He also said Airbus is willing to […]