What we’re reading: Alaska Airlines’ on-time award, planespotting at LAX, first MD-80 freighter

Alaska Airlines wins on-time award, planespotting at LAX, first MD-80 freighter set to fly

AA: FAA reneged on hand-shake

The mass cancellation of American Airlines MD-80 flights last month would not have happened if the FAA stuck with an earlier agreement.

Prediction: AA will cancel almost 400 flights on Saturday

I can predict with certainty that there will be cancellations on Saturday -- probably between 350 and 400.
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American announces 570 cancellations for Friday

American Airlines announced this evening (Thursday evening) that there will be 570 cancellations of flights on Friday, April 11th.
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FAA’s CYA inspections

By now hundreds of thousands of American airline travelers have been inconvenienced, really inconvenienced. Why? Is this airline incompetence or FAA over regulation? Or a political CYA operation?
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AA execs urged to forego bonuses

Last week, American Airlines flight attendants called on the top executives at their airline to refuse their bonuses. Once, it was simply a question of money and fairness. Now, the question is of competence.
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AA offers unspecified compensation for MD-80 flight cancellations

American Airlines has posted on their website a willingness to offer compensation to passengers whose flights were delayed or canceled.
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American expected to cancel 900 flights today

After canceling more than 1,000 flights yesterday, American Airlines is expecting more than 900 cancellations today.
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AA cancels flights for MD-80 reinspection

Anyone flying American Airlines should check on their flights. Yesterday the airlines announced almost 500 flight cancellations and more are probably on the way as the week goes on.

American cancels 200 flights for tests

American Airlines in canceling nearly 10 percent of its schedule Wednesday as it performs safety inspections on its MD-80 aircraft.
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